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There are lot of types of Mid Century lighting. From chandeliers to sconces to table and floor lamps for example, the assortment and options that truly work in this style are pretty endless. After all, this style is among the most popular today, and these types of lighting options can work in so many different design styles.

Today we’re going to share a few of our favorite Mid Century Lighting trends.


Finding the perfect chandelier or pendant light for your Mid Century home is an important task. Lighting is a crucial component of Mid Century modern homes. There are so many charming Mid Century pendant or chandeliers to choose from, as this style of decor has really taken off in the last few years.

Chandeliers or pendants are perfect for a mid century modern dining room or living room light for instance.


  • Brass, chrome and black
  • Round and curved shapes
  • Metal shades
  • Glass globes
  • Multiple lights
  • “Bubble” design


  • Chain link
  • Ornate designs
  • Candelabra style bulbs or lights
  • Pleated or patterned fabric shades
  • Rough metal or ironwork


Maheny Snooker 170 Linear. Mid Century Pendant Light.
From DelightFULL
Feel the true statement of luxury with this Mid Century modern ceiling lamp. Matheny is a unique chandelier, a new take on the Mid Century Lighting classics. It has a geometric design of combined tubes and its structure is handmade in brass.
Its shape is round and is composed by golden tubes, consequently reflect the sophistication of a timeless iconic lamp.
With 110 pounds, this luxurious chandelier light can be used in a modern living room or as a modern dining room lighting for instance.
Above all, Matheny round Mid Century Chandelier will certainly capture the attention of your guests.

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Helsinki Mid Century Pendant Light.
From Creativemary
Helsinki proved its creative credentials after having become the world’s one and only Design District in 2012. The transformation of the city entailed converting the old and celebrating the new in such a way that contemporary architecture now proudly obscures old streets and old statues.


Are the wall sconces out of date?
Definitely not!
They are not out of date. Perhaps the term ‘sconce’ is considered old-fashioned in some circles, but the wall lighting is as amazing as ever. So, you should take a look to this Mid Modern Century Wall Sconces that rocks!


  • Brass, chrome and black
  • Metal shades
  • Perforated metal
  • Long, delicate arms with megal shades or exposed bulbs
  • Hourglass and cone shape


  • Overly complicated designs
  • Square shapes
  • Lots of detail

Mid Century light fixtures


Mid Century Wall Sconce Lamp.
From Creativemary.
Similarly a coral reef, the alabaster stone has a natural flair for disguise and detail. The Andros Mid Century modern wall lamp makes use of the translucent properties of the alabaster stone. In conclusion, it brings life to stylish interiors around the world.


Charles 2 Wall Sconce
From DelightFULL
Charles is a modern vanity light designed by DelightFULL and inspired by the Mid Century Lighting classics.
A simple lighting design, Charles is handmade in brass and aluminum by some of the finest artisans in Portugal.
The mount is made of brass, with a nickel plated finish, while the shades have minimalist perforation details and also feature a nickel plated and a matte white finish.
It is a Mid Century wall sconce that creates a stunning visual effect, having the possibility of being used with one or two diffusers.
The perfect wall lamp shade for a Mid Century style bedroom, or a contemporary bathroom for example.


Finally, new table and floor lamps are splendid ways of freshening up your existing decor. They add texture to your living spaces and lovely light wherever you need it. Table and floor lamps rest easily on furnishings all around your home, including for example, living and dining rooms, bedrooms, and offices. Above all, Mid Century modern table and floor lamps add function and beauty to any room.


  • Brass, chrome and black metal
  • Round and arched shapes
  • Wood, metal and ceramic bases
  • Tripod legs
  • Fabric shades
  • Multiple lights


  • Chunky bases
  • Sharp angles
  • Distressed or antiqued metals

Mid century modern dining room light


Armstrong Floor Lamp
From DelightFULL
Inspired by the first person to walk on the Moon, Armstrong arc floor lamp has a minimalistic style with a clear usability. It’s perfect for every single Mid Century living room or office for instance.
This nordic light combines a Mid Century design with a structure handmade in brass and a base in white Carrara marble. The oval aluminum lamp shade is softened with a matte white finish.
Above all, this Mid Century Floor lamp directs light anywhere a task light is needed, providing an exquisite touch to your interior design.

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Carter Desk Lamp
From DelightFULL
Carter desk, inspired by the icon Ron Carter is another addition to the Carter lighting family.
Perfect for a modern hotel lobby, this Mid Century desk lamp is handmade in brass, steel and aliminium with handmade detailing.
The vintage modern desk lamp has a soft casting light that will illuminate your home office design or workspace.

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