Pendant Lights everywhere

One of the most popular lighting solutions are Pendant Lights. The right lighting can make you more productive and also can raise your spirit.


You can use Hanging Lights in a wide range of places to provide illumination and a touch of style. As a general rule, they should hang 32″ to 40″ above the counter or table surface you intend to illuminate.

Pendant Lights
Schema Moire Factory 1-Light Inverted Pendant is handmade in the Philippines from galvanized iron, a malleable material which allows artisans to weave innovative shapes.
Tala LED Pendant Light
The Voronoi III Brass Pendant Light includes three of our signature Voronoi III bulbs, three Pendants and the Voronoi Plate.

Kitchen Pendant Lights

An Stylish choice for Kitchen are pendant lights. Pendants are a perfect whether over an island, above a sink or providing ambient overall light. Whether you have a small cooking space to illuminate, or you want to hang a series of kitchen island pendant lights, this lighting is definitely always the right option.

Kitchen Pendant Lights
Sircle PH4 a symbolization merged Square and Circle, inspired by the East aesthetic philosophy, the circular light ball just like a soft tender mind leans on the rigid prudent frame, chemically shaped a harmonious feature with its flexible body inside-out.


Pendant lamp are not limited to use in Kitchens only. You can use pendants all throughout your home, even outdoors! You can use them just anywhere. They are a classic option that is always in style. If you want to make an impact on your Outdoor Space think about pendant lights.

Expert Tip! If you’re hanging an outdoor pendant light over a door, the pendant should be about 1/5 the door’s height and centered about 6 inches above the door.


Outdoor Pendant Light
The Out Collection is designed to create outdoors a dreamlike and romantic atmosphere, ideal for aperitifs, dinners, or to relax or under the sun or a starry sky.

Bathroom Pendant Lights

Yes, of course you can put your hanging fixture in your toilette or bathroom too.