Hotel Lighting

Don´t let poor hotel lighting down your ratings!

Knowing the importance of lighting for accommodation facility and which are the trends that have prevailed the most in the sector is essential for approaching a complete hotel lighting project.

The hospitality industry is a world in constant evolution. Compared to the past, change seems become even faster, so much so that hotels and inns have to continually updating, renewing itself. Moreover, adapting to the changes that are taking place.

Knowing how to combine the choice of lighting becomes more and more one of the essentials of lighting materials with energy saving. That provides unquestionable advantages both in the short term and long term.

Let’s go now to find out what are the main trends to take into account for one complete design.

What kind of light to use in the common areas of a hotel?

In common areas, interesting lighting effects can be created by integrating light into the hotel’s architecture, with customized solutions for the environment.

For very large spaces, we suggest two or more chandeliers with an aesthetic impact. Furthermore, for intimate spaces it would be better to opt for suspensions. Wall Sconces are also a good option for complete the hotel lighting.

Hotel Lighting
Jupiter marble wall lights | James Sofitel Wild Honey restaurant London, Uk.

What is the optimal lighting for hotel rooms?

For hotel room lighting, you need to consider the fact that each of us perceives light differently.

Therefore, it will be necessary for the devices to be individually switched on and regulated directly by the guests, to facilitate their use. This is because the room is a new and unknown environment for the guest, who must feel comfortable. It provides a control panel next to the bed, easily interpretable, it will make you feel welcome.