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Rattan Sofa

Rattan Sofa The Rattan Sofa is a piece of furniture that you cannot miss this season. It is a classic…
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Rattan Sofa

The Rattan Sofa is a piece of furniture that you cannot miss this season. It is a classic that does not go out of style. There are both indoor and also outdoor and its high technology makes it maintenance-free.


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Let’s take a look at the best models:

Nest Sofa by Cane Line

The Nest Sofa is Unique and modern. It boasts an uncommon design that combines a contemporary profile with a feel for comfort also.
It has a unique hollow rattan frame with accent white cushions. The modern sofa features a Danish design that takes an alternative approach to modern design. In addition, a creative use of rattan creates a seemingly airy and light sofa.
Moreover, it’s crafted with sustainably harvested rattan by experienced Indonesian craftsman. Certainly, the two seater sofa offers a stylish and comforting warmth to any lounging situation.

Cane-line Sense 3 Seater Rattan Sofa

Between its comfortable and distinctive design, the Sense 3 Seater Sofa brings an element of fresh design to any lounging arrangement it occupies.
A soft, fabric that’s allergy friendly and, above all, easy to maintain. And, most importantly, with environmentally friendly rattan frame and durable. The modern Sofa is an ideal addition for those who are looking for lounge seating that’s not only stylish but requires minimal upkeep.
The sofa’s minimal and modern profile enables it to be perfect for a variety of situations. You can use it as a sofa or also as a daybed.
Furnish any modern living situation with the contemporary and Scandinavian design of the Sense 3 Seater Sofa.

Donatello Rattan Sofa

From Sika Design

The Donatello chair and Sofa harken back to the styles of handmade furniture in the earliest Sika Design sketches and photographs. 
Their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic create a style that will last like the durable rattan
With high arms, a high back and a sturdy base, this sofa invites you nestle in with a few pillows and a good book.

Dawn 3-Seater Sofa

From Sika Design

The Dawn 3-Seater Sofa is the picture of restful elegance. 
With arms, a high back and a sturdy base, this sofa invites you to stay a while. Moreover, you can pair the sofa with the Dawn chair and foot stool to create the perfect summertime sitting area
Above all, the sofa is crafted from maintenance-free fibers that are durable enough for year-round outdoor use.

Maintenance-free fibers. Outdoor Sofa.

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Lansing 2-Seater Sofa

From Cane-line

Lansing 2-seater sofa is designed with inspiration from the old classic timeless rattan sofa
Pull the couch to the dining table on the patio and sit comfortable during the dinner under the blue sky or place the couch in the shade under a tree and enjoy the view on a nice summer day. 

Cane Line Sofa

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