With minimalist desk lamps you will no longer have to sacrifice workspace.

There is nothing more distracting when trying to work than a crowded desk. Find bright directional lighting or a nice soft glow in addition to good design and quality with our minimalist desk lamps. Therefore, they are the ultimate combination of fashion and functionality.

Flo Led minimalist Desk Lamp

From Lumina

The Flo range of lights is the result of Foster + Partners first collaboration with specialist Italian lighting manufacturer, Lumina. Above all, this minimal light integrates the latest dimmable LED technology within a streamlined, curving form. The cold-formed head and slender aluminum frame are balanced by a circular steel base. Also, a delicate profile is created by eliminating superfluous moving parts, such as coils and springs. Task LED light in varnish coated aluminum and steel. Its head also rotates by 300° for direct lighting and the arm pivots on base by 120°. 6W LED which you can switch on with one click for full light intensity and two for half light intensity.

minimalist desk lamp from Lumina
Minimalist desk lamp

Aledin Minimalist Desk Lamp

From Kartell

Aledin is a LED task lamp available in two different versions, Tec and Dec, whose distinctive element is the diffuser.
Aledin Tec has a flat head that throws a direct luminous beam. Is also adjustable thanks to the movement of the diffuser itself.
These characteristics make it suitable for office use while Dec. On the other hand, is defined by the faceted decoration of its cone-shaped diffuser. 
In this model, the luminous beam throws a wider and more atmospheric light which well lends itself to residential applications. 
The two articulating arms in polycarbonate, are characterized by two aluminum rods endowed with a conductivity function. In class 3, this lighting fixture has a high-performing luminosity in the area of 600 lm. Moreover, enables considerable savings in energy consumption thanks to its latest generation of 5.6 W LED lamp bulbs.

Kartell's minimalist desk lamp
Aledin minimalist desk lamp

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Concrete Wood Desk Lamp

From Specimen Editions

The cement wood lamp plays with materials. Another playful design from think Studio!.
The Cement wood collection focuses on concrete and wood. Therefore, it deals with a perfect balance between the roughness of concrete and the softless of wood. It’s also for cold and warm lights.

concrete and wood minimal desk lamp

Up XL Minimalist Desk Lamp

From Contardi

Up is born as the first desk lamp by Contardi. Contardi reinterprets, with a modern-classic touch, the traditional image of the desk task light: UP is tailored and timeless, with silk and precious finishes. 
UP is a full range with Floor, Wall and Reading Light “Contardi for reading”. Bulb included: 1 x 20W E27 Fluo.

minimalist desk lamp

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