Vases today have lot of different uses. For example, they can be used to serve water, drinks or to put flowers. This last option is super fashionable! Decorative vases add design to your space while showcasing flowers, plants, or decorative pieces you would like to display.

Put the finishing touches on your space with decorative vases in glass and ceramic.

Ceramic vases

Ceramic vases are an interesting option. You can use them all year round to embellish your interior, either with a bouquet of flowers on the table, or with a single large flower in the corner of the room. Or as-is, of course, as a decorative piece on itself.

Skagerak Edge Vase

Edge Vase in terracotta is inspired by an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship. The foot and the neck are sharply profiled in levels, and the outside has its original matt finish. Moreover, the inside is glazed to ensure a sturdy and water-resistant surface.

ceramic vases
Edge Vase
by Skagerak

Ceramic vases can be put down anywhere in the home. They fit on the windowsill, in the kitchen and even in the spare guestroom. No matter the style of your home, and whether you prefer design, vintage or antique.

ceramic vases. Flower vase
Skagerak Vase

Glass Vases

Colorfull and stylish, the transparency of glass vases lends them a light look, even in larger sizes and brighter colours. They add calm and effortless style to a space. As a material, glass offers an extremely wide range of possibilities for producers and designers to get creative. 

The Heat Vase

From Dechem

This is what happens when your room temperature is too high. Each piece is unique. Available individually or in set of 3 pieces.

Glass Vases
Black Glass Vase
Glass Vases
Glass Vase from Dechem

In conclusion, one of our favorite ways to dial up the design is with vases … Whether they are made of glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, or even metal, vases can be just the thing to take your space to the next level! 

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