Schneid Studio strives for enduring and elegant products which are mindful and meet the modern Zeitgeist in a courageous way. Schneid Studio uses natural raw materials, bold colors and bold shapes that create ambience and atmosphere.

They believe in sustainability and are dedicated to solid craftsmanship. This is why they support local manufacturers. Above all, they keep delivery routes short and Work together with people who are practicing their jobs with passion.

Having ‘Schneid‘ is the German equivalent to ‘being bold‘, which is what puts the essence of our philosophy in a nutshell.

Junit Column Pendant Light

The Junit light is a modular pendant lamp that consists of eight different elements. The units are turned from high-quality ash wood and, after that, it’s painted in a german workshop, not far from our own studio.

Schneid Studio Junit Column Pendant Light |


Sustainability starts with the mindset.

At Schneid Studio they work with a holistic view of sustainability. Likewise, the entire creation process has the fundamental concept of creating fascinating objects with ethical value. Above all, for them, working sustainably also entails sharing the vision and enhancing sensitivity. Finally, at Schneid Studio they want to elevate the consumer’s perception of craftsmanship and artisanship.

Figura Arc Pendant Light

A melodious name that refers to the special shape of the lighting. Through a playful use of lines and shapes, there are three different versions, each of which, individually or in combination, radiates grace.

Schneid Studio Figura Arc Pendant Light |

Kaskad Pendant Light

Similarly to the flowing water of a cascade, bold rounded shapes and vivid waves are defines the silhouette of the Kaskad lamp.

Schneid Studio Kaskad Lighting |

Ethics and aesthetics go hand in hand.

Products are the result of a formative research work and conception to the close cooperation with local manufacturers. Therefore, at the heart of business lies the approach ‘form follows meaning’. For this reason, they strive to promote ethical aesthetics and believe that the close correlation of the two forms a crucial basis for an extraordinary and timeless design.

Eikon Shell Pendant Light

With a minimalist expression and a vivid use of color, the Eikon lighting merges timelessness and the contemporary. As a result, the modular series offers a free choice of shape, color and material to combine the wooden base and lampshade. Conveying a versatile and free feel to any interior space.

Schneid Studio Eikon Shell Pendant Light |
Schneid Studio Eikon Shell Pendant Light |

Eikon Basic Pendant Light

The wooden socket of the lamp constitutes the minimalist and clean base of the lamp.

Schneid Studio Eikon Basic Pendant Light |
Eikon Basic Pendant Light |

Schneid Studio Eikon Basic Pendant Light |
Schneid Studio Eikon Basic Pendant Light |

Eikon Circus Pendant Light

Schneid Studio Eikon Circus Pendant Light |
Eikon Circus Pendant Light |

Craftsmanship is key at Schneid Studio.

They are inspired by heritage techniques and the masterly skills of trained professionals. Meanwhile, they maintain strong, long-term relationships with small local businesses where manual skills have traditional value. Therefore, the independent and self-directed production of designs ensures authentic and high quality products. Moreover, it enables to support these workshops, aiming to create new markets for age-old art forms.

Schneid Studio Dais Bowl

The curved silhouette and rhythmical structure of the Dais bowl allude to the aesthetics of topographic and architectural elements.
Subtle details bridge with characteristic contours to emphasize a poetic sense of form, giving the bowl a calm and balanced character.

Schneid Studio Dais Bowl |
Schneid Studio Dais Bowl |

Tide Blanket

The Tide blanket is characterized by gentle and smooth transitions of dark and light color tones. Further, inspired by the rise and fall of the sea level caused by the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun, the blanket reflects the atmospheric nature in cyclical structures.

Schneid Studio Tide Blanket |

Zappy Pendant Light

Zappy stands out with its soft and inviting glow. Moreover, the carefully handmade lamp of ash or oak veneer illuminates any indoor space with sublime light quality.
In addition, with its delicate wooden panels and the detailed natural design, it impresses as a beautiful lighting object. Meanwhile, it will be a focal point in any room.

Zappy Pendant Light |

Every creation comes with responsibility.

They believe designing entails responsibility. For instance, the carefully considered choice of materials for an object is one of the most essential tasks in the design process. Using green resources is as important as striving to implement material innovations and develop natural alternatives to common industrial manufacturing processes. In addition, the European Union sponsor them.

Auro Vase II

The Aura vases blur the line between everyday and sculpture. Therefore, it is expressive and soft in their forms. Certainly the vases emerge from a poetic reflection on the curves of the female figure.

Auro Vase II |

Unison Carafe Tableware

The Unison Set is a carefully handcrafted collection of ceramic dinnerware that puts your favorite food in the perfect spotlight. The collection consists of seven different pieces. Above all, each of which is dyed with pigments in refined soft tones.

Unison Carafe Tableware |

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