Introducing industrial elements into your home marries minimalism with warmth and movement. Think former warehouses turned sunny lofts, reclaimed machinery placed delicately on coffee tables and countertops. 

Concrete accessories give this same effect, as it is an inherently cool, strong material. Its uniform tone and texture project a depth and edge that elevate any space. 

Cement is a heavy material, giving it a lot of visual weight. It instantly draws the eye and grounds the space

Texture, the way something looks like it feels, adds depth and dimension to your space in a way that color alone cannot. All of us can imagine the feeling of running our hands over concrete. A concrete lamp, vase, or flower pot then allows us to engage with a room in a tangible, tactile way. 

To highlight concrete’s unique texture, create contrast. Set cool concrete pieces against something natural and warm, such as wood. Rounded furniture with softened corners or concrete pieces with curved shapes work to balance the sterility of cement. 

The Matt Cemento Collection from In Es ArtDesign emphasizes tactile sensations, pairing bright colors with a cement effect varnish.

Concrete Wall Sconces for indoor and outdoor use from Seed Design

These pendant lights from Specimen Editions play with the balance between the roughness of concrete, the softness of wood, and the coldness of steel.