Italian Furniture Design

Italian Furniture Design is renowned worldwide for its elegance, craftsmanship, and innovation. Italy has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality…
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Italian Lighting: Axolight

Italian Lighting: Axolight Italian Lighting and design Italy is not only the cradle of pizza and the Renaissance. If one…
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Italian Lighting and design

Italy is not only the cradle of pizza and the Renaissance. If one country stands for sophisticated design, it is definitely Italy. As a result, Italian lighting brands are very much at the top.
It is also the global trendsetter for contemporary design, moreover, Italian lighting has a huge importance.

The contemporary design encompasses various elements to create a unique, current and up-to-date style with today’s needs. Comfort and sustainability are key elements used in the design process, and Italian designers work hard to set the trend around the world. Italy is home to some of the world’s biggest lighting brands, giving you plenty of options for adding a touch of Italian flair to your living spaces.

Italian made lights

Materials play an important role in creating the aesthetic balance that Italian lighting manufacturers are constantly seeking. Quality and longevity are achieved using only the most sought after materials.

Italy has a long history of supplying the world with the highest quality materials for construction and design. Passion, care and attention to detail are key elements that distinguish Italian Lighting from the rest. A handmade piece is truly one of a kind and decorating your living space with these unique items can be a great form of self-expression.

Axolight Italian Lighting

Axolight is an Italian lighting design company with base in Italy and USA. If you love lighting and design don’t miss the opportunity to meet Axolight.
It designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes high-end contemporary decorative lighting design solutions.
Hand made in Italy Every Axolight product, whether if it’s a standard or bespoke production, is projected, developed, tested and hand assembled in the Company laboratory in Scorze – Venice.

Italian Lighting´s materials, methods and sustainability of

Axolight obtains products by transforming a dozen of materials (metals, tissues and glass above all). In 2018 Jewel was introduced on the market. Moreover, the first Axolight product realized with recycled nylon and glass fibre and with aluminium.

All Axolight products follows the international regulations on the subject person and environment protection.

Italian Lighting | LED Pendant Light
An inspiring sight for everyone at the dining table. Let your eyes get lost in the movement of circles floating over you in the CUT LED Pendant from AXO Light.
Italian Table Lamp
The Clavius Table Lamp by AXO Light, designed by Manuel Vivian, illuminates light beautifully through interlaces of a handmade silk thread shade. This table lamp evokes the mood of a room while adding a decorative touch.