Kitchen Lighting Trends

Great lighting is always in style, but every year there are new trends worth exploring. That is to say: here are our top picks for Kitchen lighting trends 2021.

Nowadays, you can find a large variety of lighting styles, such as Art Deco, vintage lighting, Mid Century and many more.

Pendant Lights at Kitchen Lighting Trends: Pieces of Art

Traditionally, the typical pendant light installation over a kitchen island has been three small pendant lights. However, recently kitchen designs are trending toward large. Above all, over-scale light fixtures and very decorative pendants that are the focal point of a room. The trend is toward fewer lights that are larger scale like a piece of artwork.

Oversized fixtures are a growing trend in kitchen lighting. Don’t be afraid to choose fixtures that make a statement!

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Oblo Graphite Multiple Pendant Light. Lighting Trends


Oblo Graphite Multiple Pendant Light. From Tala Led
Firstly, this is a stylish combination that accentuates minimal geometry. With simple monochrome hues from the matte glass bulb and graphite pendant fixture. Bold and compact, the sturdy shape of the Oblo bulb breaks up space and color with soft white light. Above all, it illuminates any interior with a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Kitchen Lighting Trends. Kitchen Pendant Lights


Volta 5 Pendant Lights. From Estiluz.
Secondly, this suspension lamp with a metal body, a cylindrical aluminum headboard, an acrylic diffuser and an integrated LED. The height is adjustable and has individual support, ready to create compositions. It is ideal for living room, dining room, restaurant, bar, kitchen, bedroom, hotel and store for example.

Kitchen Lighting Trends 2021: Pendant Lights


Maine Pendant Light. From Estiluz,
Thirdly, this is a metal suspension lamp with two different diameters. It has an acrylic diffuser and integrated dimmable LED. The height can be adjusted and it has an individual canopy. Moreover, it’s suitable for creating compositions. It is ideal for example for: dining room, bedroom, bar and restaurant areas, kitchen island, counter and retail store.
Lighting Trends Pendants Lights



Circ 3 Pendant Lights. From Estiluz.
This metal suspension lamp also provides direct and indirect light. It has glass and LED screens. The height can also be adjusted and you can face up or down.
Ideal for the living room, dining room, kitchen island, bar counter, restaurant, hotel, and retail shop for instance.

Kitchen lighting Trends: One Oversized Hanging Light

For an even more dramatic look, one gigantic oversized light fixture can create a center focal point. Here are a few fantastic examples of kitchen designs.

Firstly, this is a modern light pendant that embodies all the best from the from the 50s and 60s interior design style. This looks amazing in any mid-century dining room, or a colorful kitchen for instance.

Kitchen Lighting Trends: colorful pendant light.


Stanley Pendant Light. From DelightFULL.
Stanley retro pendant lamp is inspired by some of the most iconic lighting designs of the 1960s. 
It is handmade in brass and aluminum. It has a nickel plated finish on the body, and glossy black lacquer on the outer part of lampshades. The inside is lacquered a matte white. Moreover this Mid Century modern lighting fixture has three counterweights all built in iron. 

Kitchen Lighting Trends: Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the last Kitchen Lighting Trends. Placing a chandelier in your kitchen is a great way to create a strong visual focal point. Moreover, it provides balance and symmetry to the kitchen. Don’t be afraid to choose a chandelier with a wow factor. You can also play with metal finishes, like antique brass and polished nickel.


Brubeck Rectangular Pendant Light. From DelightFULL.
Brubeck mid-century modern chandelier represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling. 
DelightFULL’s skilled artisans handmade this round chandelier in brass. It’s cover with a gold-plated finish, which can be customized in multiple other finishes.


Ike 13 Pendant Light
From DelightFULL
Ike suspension lamp has a distinctive but easily recognizable design. Ideal for every single Mid Century modern interior.
With its clean lines, this dazzling lamp is handmade in brass and aluminum. Features a glossy black and gold plated finish. It represents a high-quality craftsmanship.
It is 15 inches tall, but its steel cord can be customizable on purchase, being adjustable up to 39.4 inches.
Highly recommended to use with a dimmer switch to cast a smoother light. Finally, this modern brass lamp is perfect as a dining room chandelier lighting or to be used in a hotel lobby.

Linear Pendant Lights

Linear suspension lighting, also known as pendant or ceiling lighting, has become a staple in homes and businesses.

Known for their elegant profiles and practicality, kitchen pendant lights offer unmatched lighting available in various sizes, styles, and shade finishes. That make them ideal for kitchen installations. When it comes to kitchen lighting, the possibilities are virtually endless, linear kitchen lighting and a variety of shapes can create a custom look. In a kitchen setting, linear hangers are usually above a kitchen island.

They are also useful in breakfast nooks and any other area of the kitchen that needs more lighting.


Kitchen Lighting Trends. Linear Pendant Lights.


Eiffel Pendant Light. From Frama
In balance between construction and form Eiffel is made with simplicity in mind. The light is being diffused thanks to the blown opal glass.
The construction rod is from blackened steel and it reflects the light softly. It is ideal for example, for: living room, dining room, reception desk or kitchen island.

Linear Pendant Lights on Kitchen Lighting Trends.


Mumu LED Linear Suspension Pendant Light.
From Seed Design
This Linear Suspension Pendant Light has a strong appreciation towards organic nature. The Mumu marries a counter balance of wood and metal.

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