Bar Stool trends that revamp the kitchen in style! We bring to you fresh new ideas for the heart of your social kitchen.

The bar stool is much more than just another piece of décor in your new kitchen that brings friends and family together. It can alter the aesthetics of kitchen with ease and does so without forcing you to change the tiles, paint on the walls or even other fixtures in the kitchen. The best bar stools are ones which add that additional ‘oomph’ factor to the kitchen even while feeling like an organic extension of its style. So step in and discover the best bar stool hues and styles

Stool Ideas for your Dream Kitchen: Top Colors and Styles

The kitchen is one space in our home that demands constant attention and care. It is also one space in our home that can easily incorporate new upgrades, hues and trends with changing seasons and years. For those who want to give their kitchen a fresh makeover without splurging a fortune, adding décor with a difference is the perfect option indeed.

Firstly, you can move out old bar stools to bring fresh air. With new ones, you can give the kitchen a smart revamp and do so without undertaking an extensive renovation.

Pelleossa Stool Miniforms Design and Made in Italy

Pelleossa by Miniforms is a stool inspired by some of the great classics of italian designs, pre-industrial times, it is built with traditional materials and an unique technology, the lathe. The name evokes its simplicity and lightness.

Pelleossa Wood Stool
Miniforms Minimalist Lighting and Furniture Pelleossa Stool |

Bar Stool from Miniforms

Metallic Stools: Gold that ads Glitter to any Kitchen

Metallics have been a part of the trendy accents catalog for a while now and it is no surprise that the most popular bar stools of the year are ones that incorporate this feature. Move out the old and give the kitchen a sparkling new vibe with bar stools that offer golden glint. It is a fashionable bar stool with base in gold that inevitably steals the spotlight in any kitchen that it adorns. Be it minimal, modern, shabby chic or coastal, the golden bar stool fits into kitchen of any style with ease.

Masters Metallic Stool

From Kartell

In the stool version of the Master’s chair, the legs lengthen and the seat becomes more compact, but the unmistakable graphic style of the structure, created by interweaving the silhouettes of three iconic chairs, remains the same. 
Ideal for both domestic and contract use, the Master’s Stool also lives perfectly outdoors.

Kartell Masters Metallic Stool | Italian Furniture

Smart Blue Never Fails

There is one color that homeowners and designers are never bored with. It always manages to stay at the top of the trends chart and that is blue. This season, blue is a color that you want to try out with the bar stools. It adds panache to the kitchen without ever seeming out of place. Much like gold, blue is also a hue that blends in with any style that you have going. Choosing the right hue and tint makes things even more pleasant. You can repeat the color elsewhere in the kitchen for a more curated look.

Mula Stool

From Miniforms

Enveloping seat in polyurethane foam, modern design, this is the Mula stool covered and brightly coloured. 
Mula have a simple line, fresh, created for a strong pleasure, after all, elegance is a timeless quality. 

Mula Stool
Miniforms Mula Stool |

Valerie Stool

From Miniforms

The stool Valerie designed by Giopato e Coombes for Miniforms is made entirely in curved wood. It´s available in two different heights. The composition develops the contrast between the essential structure and seat made of bent wood.

Valerie Wood Stool

Rustic, Industrial and Sturdy

Moving beyond color and finish, a style that you definitely want to try out is industrial with a bit of rustic charm. Bar stools that embrace these styles add rugged charm to even the most polished modern kitchen and with the right choice, do not seem like an oddity whatsoever. They usher in that ‘something different’ and with distressed metallic finishes and wooden surfaces, these are both captivating and understated at the same time. If you place functionality, sturdiness and uniqueness at the top of your wish-list, then these bar stools are the ideal choice.

Milk Stool

From Miniforms

The stool Milk by Miniforms is the arketipo of the seats used in the past for milking. It’s available in three different heights. Seat made in wooden beech, structure in tubular steel, thermosetting powders.
3 Different Sizes.

Milk Counter Chair
Miniforms Minimalist Lighting and Furniture Milk Stool |

Ferrovitos Stool

From Miniforms

Functional and versatile, Ferrovitos enhances the ambience with its own character and originality.

Bonus Track: Handcrafted Rattan

Salsa Counter Stool

From Sika Design

The Salsa Counter Stool is comfortable and understated with just the right amount of flair.  This highly versatile piece was inspired by sketches from the 1950s and 1960s. It is handcrafted from natural rattan and is built to last as long as its timeless design. 
Are available in both bar and counter height.

Sika Design Salsa Counter Stool | Salsa Counter Stool

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