There is no doubt that Illuminated Planters ads glow and elegance to your garden. Everyone wants the backyard or garden to look inviting and comfortable for instance. Also, we know that lighting design is critical.

Lighting alone can transform and make a good Outdoor Space simply timeless.

Light Up Planter for Flowers
Illuminated Planters from Smart and Green

They are versatile and weather resistant. Moreover, you can use them for indoor and outdoor plus they come in many different sizes and shapes.

Others which require power, limits their ability for placement in some spaces. For example, you can use them around a pool, at the entrance to a home or out on the patio.

What’s more exciting is, some of these outdoor lighting devices comes with a rechargeable battery. Above all, they can be turned on and off using a remote control!

Rumba Bluetooth LED Planter

From Smart and Green

The RUMBA garden plant pot lamp is a real outdoor centerpiece.
Have fun with the various pot sizes (3 sizes available for RUMBA). Or, moreover, why not enhance your garden with light spheres to give it a one of a kind, modern look.
These pots are perfect for enjoying summertime outdoors. Add a welcoming ambiance to your evenings on your terrace with guests.

Rumba Illuminated Planters
Rumba Illuminated Planters

Tango Bluetooth LED Planter

The TANGO pot lamp perfectly lights your interior and exterior spaces.

Its modern design and its recess make it a perfect flower pot lamp for highlighting your plants.
The extra Its wireless Bluetooth SmartMesh technology allows you to control the brightness and colors of your light via your smartphone or tablet.
You can also connect multiple lamps covering up to 1km and schedule lighting on/off scenarios.
Managing the ambiance lights has never been so easy!

Lighted Pots from Smart and Green
Lighted Pots from Smart and Green

Mambo Bluetooth LED Indoor/Outdoor Block

From Smart and Green

More modern than a classical flowerpot, the MAMBO pot lamp adds an ambiance light to your spaces as well as fulfilling its original role.
Your product will diffuse a warm, personalized light and will add an extra-little-something to your indoor and outdoor spaces. Exit usual-old planters, you can now play around with brightness and colors and let your imagination run free to suit your desires.

Light Up Planter for Flowers
Mambo Illuminated Planters

Gota Bluetooth LED Indoor/Outdoor Top

From Smart and Green

The GOTA is a pot lamp perfectly suited for your interior and exterior spaces.
As a decoration in the sitting room or on your terrace, this flower pot will bring a touch of light to your evening parties.

Illuminated Planter
Light Up Planter for Flowers

About Smart and Green

Illuminated Planters

The SMART AND GREEN lighting systems meeting different lighting needs, are all designed with LEDs and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, BLE and SmartMesh® technologies, exclusively from SMART AND GREEN.

Among its other products, SMART AND GREEN offers a range of pot lamps. Available in multiple sizes, these decorative objects are perfect for a variety of environments. Whether indoors in your living room, or outdoors at your poolside, these LED pot lamps make it possible to change the ambiance and colors to suit your mood. They provide a touch of radiance to your environment and perfectly match your decor.

Their modern design and cavity make these pot lamps perfect for showcasing your plants. Have fun exploring the infinite possibilities they offer! Surprise your guests by brightening your summer evenings with these unique, stylish products that you can control directly from your smartphone. They’re sure to impress, and last six to eight hours!

Our pot lamps are designed to be impact, drop and weather resistant and are waterproof.

All of our products are equipped with our Bluetooth MESH technology. It enables you to adjust and control the color and brightness of your LED pot lamp from your smartphone or tablet via a dedicated app for IOS and Android. Don’t hesitate to consult our user guide for step by step instructions on connecting and configuring your device.

In conclusion, illuminated planters offer a good way to make your garden or backyard romantic, inviting and mood settling.

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