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Watch Your Steps

Outdoor Step Lights are very decorative but also necessary to ensure safety. Although most homes include ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures to light up stairs, adequate lighting at foot level is a prime consideration for anyone. Exterior step lights increase the safety quotient and supply up-to-the-minute convenience as well as dramatic accents.

There are plenty of reasons to “look down” when planning lighting for your home. Actually, though, most of them fall into the broad categories of safety and beauty. Lighting has come a long way over the centuries and most people no longer view their interior lighting plan as a convenience, but rather as a necessity.

Why should I place Outdoor Step Lights?

Lighting in stairs is extremely important in terms of safety. Dark spots and shadows may cause safety risks for instance.

The introduction of Outdoor Steps will not only improve functionality and aesthetics of a garden, but also safety. Above all, the main function of step lights is to allow you to orient yourself in the dark.

LED Step Lights

As with all lighting, low energy consumption, long lamp life LED technology has revolutionized indoor illumination and likewise outdoor. That is to say, it’s very important to brighten up high foot-traffic areas. Like staircases and pathways with, for example, Stair Lighting and Step Lighting fixtures. Suitable for indoor and outdoor stair lighting, low voltage LED stair and step lighting can add extra safety to your home and deck.

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Outdoor Step Light Solid Brass. From Pampa Lighting.
Low Voltage Solid Brass Outdoor Step Lights Fixture is ideal for illuminating large architectural areas and the natural features surrounding, for example, your home and garden.
Above all, this Fixture is made of Heavy Duty, Solid Brass and Features a weathered Brass Finish.

Outdoor Step Light Solid Brass Louvered Small
From Pampa Lighting

Louvers or Lenses deck step lights?

If you are shopping for indoor step lights, you should be prepared to decide between either louvers or lenses to diffuse the light and hide the light source. Choosing between these two is mostly an aesthetic decision related to the over all style of the space you are enhancing. Some people like the way lenses look when the light isn’t on. And some people like the way louvers cast unfiltered light. You may want to research step lights with lenses and louvers before shopping because this is a choice you may very well have to make. The good thing is that with high quality step lights, you can’t go wrong with lenses or louvers, as long as they match!

outdoor step light. step lights outdoor
Outdoor Step Light Solid Brass Louvered
From Pampa Lighting
outdoor step lights for concrete. outdoor step
Outdoor step lights for concrete. Solid Brass Louvered with Brass Box
From Pampa Lighting
Our Low Voltage Step Light Fixtures are ideal for illuminating large architectural areas and the natural features.
This Step Light is part of Pampa Lighting’s High Quality Series.
This Fixture is made of Heavy Duty, Solid Brass and Features a weathered Brass Finish.

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