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Get delighted with this top 10 Exclusive Luxury Lighting and Furniture Brands and bring your project to a new level…
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Get delighted with this top 10 Exclusive Luxury Lighting and Furniture Brands and bring your project to a new level of luxury.

From modern designs to classic antiques, from wood to high-quality leather models. From bespoke coffee tables, to customized sofas and arm-chairs. The exclusive and expensive lighting and furniture has to get over the years many admirers and buyers through the five continents.

The luxury furniture market has seen a steady rise in sales worldwide. Certainly, international brands continue to bring together innovative concepts and modern designs in order to integrate them with luxury enthusiasts.

Take a look at our Top 10 Luxury Lighting and Furniture Brands.


1- Essential Home

Essential Home is an innovative mid-century modern Luxury furniture brand. For instance, it that takes important historical and cinematographic references. From the 1930s and 1960s it turns them into unique furnishing pieces.
It started out in 2015 as ‘Essentials’, a furniture collection by the mid-century lighting brand DelightFULL. But, it quickly grew to be one of the most elegant representations of mid-century modern design. After that, it creates a new name and a new brand, Essential Home.

Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands: Essential Home


2- Delightfull

A fresh reinterpretation of mid-century Luxury lighting design.
DelightFULL revive design and inspirational art from the 40s to 70s. Moreover, it brings to you fresh classic lamps with the progress of colors and materials of modern decor.
DelightFULL mid-century spirit can be suitable for any project customizing any piece that you need. Above all, it promise you a full experience of the mid-century world, through iconic design around trendsetting places.

Delightfull. Luxury Brands


3- Estiluz

In 1969, was founded Estiluz, a firm commitment to high-end decorative lighting, above all, with innovative designs and handmade finishes.
The Masdeu family controlled the whole process: Firstly, Gerard took advantage of his creativity; his father, Anton Masdeu, and then, his brother, Eduard Masdeu, contributed with their extraordinary mastery of metal mechanization.
The quality of their designs soon attracted attention at international fairs. Consequently, Estiluz to open its first branch office in New York in 1993. 

Luxury Furniture Brands: Estiluz


4- Miniforms

Miniforms Lighting and Furniture |

Miniforms believe that elegance is not a drab aesthetic but a vibrant, colourful approach. Sometimes you’re serious. Sometimes you’re light-hearted.
That’s life.
But at least when you’re at home, try to be carefree. Look after your home, choose a nice colour palette, buy flowers to put on the table. Or a little penguin, as we did. The main thing is to take it easy occasionally and enjoy the little things with elegance.
Miniforms Luxury furniture and Lighting will help you



Emko European Lighting and Furniture Designer |

EMKO is a Lithuanian-based furniture design and home-accessory company.
Their roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: the Northern Scandinavian, the Western European and the Eastern Russian.
They present is open and inviting, welcoming talented designers from all over the globe.


6- Isimar

Founded in 1964, Industrias San Isidro (iSiMAR) was originally a family-owned manufacturer of metal home appliances and agricultural equipment. Based in Navarra, Spain.
Through innovation and Know-How, iSiMAR has continuously reinvented themselves by changing their product line to reflect market needs. Nowadays, iSiMAR is a maker of Mediterranean modern metal furniture.
Most importantly, all of the galvanized steel and aluminum furniture is manufactured in-house. Moreover, the state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, it allows iSiMAR to push the boundaries for cutting-edge design.


7- Sika Design

Sika Design has been designing and manufacturing the finest handmade furniture for more than 70 years — from its humble origins in 1942, with a first batch of lamps, tables and baskets made of rush and willow, to an internationally acclaimed company trusted by many hotels, restaurants and cruise ships all over the world. 

They take pride in guaranteeing the best levels of quality, comfort and sustainability in all of their products. Each and every one of their pieces are handled with care and passion, from the designing phase to the thoughtful manufacturing process taking place in their own factory in Indonesia.


8- Cane Line

Cane-line Outdoor and Indoor Danish Furniture |

Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture.
In other words, life made comfortable is the very essence of Cane-line.
All over the world Cane-line mission is the same – to make life comfortable and add value to life and the places where you unwind and relax.
Care-line is constantly focusing on quality, innovative technologies and comfort in both products and life. Above all, they want to ensure that their furniture has the greatest care for the environment and the well being of people.


9- Tokio

Tokio is a contemporary, forward-looking design brand with a focus on technically well-crafted design products for today’s thinking individual that likes to see their surroundings furnished with an eye to the future.

All Tokio products are made with the dedication and precision of skilled craftsmen able to exploit technologically advanced manufacturing and assembly.


10- Skargaarden

Skargaarden Outdoor Furniture |

Skargaarden comes from Gävle, a small town on the Baltic coast. The Arctic Circle is just hours away. It’s windy and it’s harsh. It snows in the winter and rains in the fall. And most of the year it’s dark.

Gävle is known for a few things and outdoor furniture isn’t one of them, for obvious reasons. Therefore, can you imagine the value of an hour of sunshine here? They make our furniture for these precious moments; for the short Swedish summers. Above all, they make furniture to withstand everything that nature throws at it. In conclusion, if they’re good here, they’re good wherever they end up.



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