With a calm shade of sage green you can easily soften a room. It is a versatile color, defined by its grayish and silver hues, above all, it gives an elegant touch to traditional greens. That way, it lends itself to a relaxing home environment. Sage green is subtle enough to be neutral, yet prominent enough to set the mood in any space. Inspired by the aromatic “healing” herb, you can guarantee that your chakras will be lined up with a good coat of sage paint.
If you don’t want to paint, you can easily renovate with furniture of that color.

Color is an especially powerful tool in creating a soothing environment, and sage green has recently become a must-have hue for those seeking a serene, restful home.

Search interest in sage green reached a record high this year, with the color currently beating out emerald and mint as the most-searched shade of green. “Sage is a lighter, more muted shade of green, so it creates a calming effect in just about any space in the home,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It also has such strong ties to the greenery and nature that surrounds our home, so it really helps bring the outdoors in and make a space feel more grounded.”

Let’s see some special pieces to redecorate your home with style!

X-Gren Upholstered Barstool Type 1

From Xedra

A project synthesis of simplicity, perfection and ingenuity. A geometry made of curves and straight lines, inspired by the Scandinavian design of the Fifties. A light, but at the same time, a solid framework. It lends itself to enhance woodworking, available in a wide range of finishings.

Green Bar Stool

Green Chair
X-Fill Upholstered Chair by Xedra | DLaguna Furniture

Green Chair
X-Green Upholstered Chair by Xedra | DLaguna Furniture

Bar Stool in Sage Green
X-Fill Bar Stool by Xedra | DLaguna Furniture

DLaguna Furniture in Sage Green

Sage Green Furniture

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