Seed Design is a modern lighting company. They manufacture and design all products in which they sell. They are headquartered out of Taipei, Taiwan. Also, with a distribution facility that houses an impressive stocking program out of Seattle, WA.

Apollo Mega Floor Lamp

The simple yet eye-catching APOLLO aims to make a big impression in space.
The huge shade embraces and sheds the light at the same time, while the LED module is integrated behind the metal cap, preventing the light from being visible and causing glare.

Floor Lamp from Seed Design
Floor Lamp from Seed Design

APOLLO Floor Lamp

The Apollo Floor Lamp from Seed Design elevates a space’s aesthetic through a unique tripod design and bold lines.
A domed aluminum head stands atop three slender legs made of natural oak wood.
Its LED light emanates from a sleek metal housing to wash over the shade’s white interior and fill the room.
Timeless style and lasting light make this fixture a standout addition to the modern home.

Apollo Floor Lamp

Castle Muse Table Lamp

The Castle Muse Table Lamp by Seed Design is a small, simple, and sophisticated addition to spaces.
A cylindrical concrete base supports a smooth, spherical glass shade for a silhouette that effortlessly pairs materials and uncomplicated shapes together.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp from Seed Design

Sircle Small Pendant Light From Seed Design

Sircle Small Pendant Light, a symbolization merged Square and Circle, inspired by the East aesthetic philosophy, the circular light ball just like a soft tender mind leans on the rigid prudent frame, chemically shaped a harmonious feature with its flexible body inside-out. 
Meanwhile, the fantastic performance of light through the opal mouth-blown glass, spreading the beauty of moonlight all over the space.

Seed Design Dawn LED Mini Pendant Light |

Dawn LED Mini Pendant Light From Seed Design

The Dawn LED Mini Pendant Light from Seed Design is a simple and sleek modern piece that adds an appealing, focused glow to the spaces of the modern home.
Hanging from the ceiling by a lengthy, thin wire, this piece features an oval-shaped silhouette made of smooth metal.

Dawn Mini Pendant Light

Seed Design Dawn LED Table Lamp |

Dawn LED Table Lamp

From Seed Design

Introduce a comforting and minimalist modern piece to the smaller surfaces of your home with the Dawn LED Table Lamp from Seed Design.
Made of smooth metal throughout, this piece starts with a flat, round base that extends a thin line body.
The body gently curves twice before ending with a downward-facing shade that contains an integrated LED.
The bright and even glow from the LED creates the perfect layer of focused light for nighttime tasks.

Table Lamp from Seed Design


Seed Design Lighting

SEED Design was found in 1991, by an innovative and tenacious designer, Meiric. Firstly, with just a few sketches on hand, he was certain he had what it took to create an entire lighting line that would be superb in construction. Moreover, striking in aesthetics, and pioneering in concept. So, by 1992, his first lamp, UFO debuted in Europe. Trailing just a few years behind, JOJO, a height adjustable pendant followed in its footsteps. By 1997 Meiric decided that he couldn’t just design and sell. Consequently, he had set up his own factory. So that he could better guarantee the quality and ensure the end product exceeded every expectation.

At SEED they live by a simple philosophy of:
They do not follow trend, they follow people. Also, they do not create lighting, they create happiness. Finally, they do not light up houses, they light up dreams.
The name SEED is a derivative of all things our products embody. Their lamps resemble Simplicity and Elegance. Moreover, with this what they create will last an Eternity. At the end of the day, their goal is to Delight.

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