TiiPii Bed hanging daybeds offer a unique relaxing space, inspiring moments of tranquility, fun and togetherness. TiiPii Hammock Beds are the ultimate hanging daybeds that you can enjoy just about anywhere. Hang from a branch, safe ceiling structure or from one our beautiful steel tripod stands.

Tiipii Hammock Bed
Tiipii Bed Nomad

Bambino Tiipii Bed

The irresistibly cute Bambino TiiPii Bed is beautifully for Indoor and Outdoor. It’s the perfectly proportioned play haven for the smallest members of the family. Moreover, it provides a cosy snug for them to escape into with a book, a friend or their favorite toys.

Definitely, It’s a great addition to any playroom. Above all, with the benefit of being lightweight and transportable enough. Also you can bring out to the garden in summer time or away with you on holiday.

Tiipii Bed
tiipii bed and stand

Deluxe Poolside Hanging Tiipii Bed + Stand & Poncho Set

From Tiipii

The Deluxe Poolside TiiPii Bed is made from a ‘Sunbrella’ solution dyed acrylic material. Above all, it’s the elite TiiPii that’s perfect for all round outdoor use or commercial specifications. Also, when prone to spillages, soiling and heavier use. Although it can be machine washed. And, morover, given the nature of the acrylic Sunbrella fabric, it can also be simply wiped over to clean.

Deluxe Tiipii Bed
Deluxe Poolside Tiipii Hanging Bed

5 Ft Nomad Taupe Hanging Daybed

From Tiipii

5 ft TiiPii is slightly smaller than the original… So a little more compact and a little less to carry at only 13 lbs… But just as much fun!

Nomad Tiipii Bed

Tiipii Hammock Bed
Tiipii Hammock

About Tiipii Beds

Us folks behind Tiipii are typical Aussies. With a lot of love for anything to do with the great outdoors.
Tiipii is passionate about inspiring you to start, for example: camping, canoodling and relaxing. Moreover, giving the kids a great reason to get outside again!
Tiipii glorious outdoor abode has been lovingly designed for you to kick back, chill out and watch the world go by…
All you have to do to start your own TiiPii story is to decide on the size that suits you. Then, add a stand if needed and throw in some cushions. Finally, lay back, relax and get a bit of ‘me time’ back.!

In conclusion, Tiipii Bed offer a good way to make your garden or backyard romantic, inviting and mood settling.

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