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Thanksgiving Table Setting is always a special occasion to share and celebrate with our loved ones. We gather around a beautifully dressed table on Thanksgiving to relax, enjoy, and share in the goodness of the season.

We are going to give you some tips to make it the most beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Thanksgiving Table Setting with flowers

Firstly, with the table full of a delicious dinner, we can also bring simple but attractive elements of nature. Definitely, Thanksgiving table setting has to be meaningful for you.

Thanksgiving is always a great time to reconnect with Nature and also appreciate its beauty.

The guests at your dinner table will feel special when their place settings are appointed with any of these nature-inspired elements.

Auro Vase I

From Schneid Studio

The Aura vases blur the line between everyday and sculpture.
Expressive and soft in their forms, the vases emerge from a poetic reflection on the curves of the female figure.

Thanksgiving Table Setting vases

Nice serving board for Thanksgiving Table Setting

A good meal always begins with a good starter. So, we recommend serving some cheeses on a nice board. In other words, cheese is always a good choice.

Sild Tray

From Skagerak

Sild Tray functions as a cutting board and also serving board at the same time. 
The composition of small wooden sticks in teak forms an elegant herringbone pattern, emphasized by the many nuances and grains in the wood. 

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Table Lighting

Table lighting is essential. To get out of the classic candles or chandeliers we show you, for example, the new Mini Planet from Kartell. It´s perfect for Thanksgiving Table Setting.

Kartell Mini Planet Table Lamp

From Kartell

The Mini Planet Table Lamp features a Smoke Crystal, Yellow Crystal, or Clear Crystal transparent surface, faceted inside and out, creating a rich tapestry of reflections.

Mini Planet Table Lamp by Kartell

Be creative

Be creative when combining plates, trays, glasses, bowls, there is a world to explore. Thanksgiving Table Setting is the opportunity.

Jellies Glass

From Kartell

A comprehensive line of plates, trays, glasses, bowls, carafes, coffee cups, and sugar bowls.
The line’s individuality is down to the fact that each model presents a different pattern inspired by the molds that were once used for making jellies.
The overlapping sections and colorful juxtapositions create an imaginative yet discreet ensemble that is both creative and sophisticated.

Take the opportunity to use nice dishes

we do not have occasions every day to use serving plates. Let’s take advantage of these occasions to dust off what we don’t use so often. Let us entertain our guests with a nice Thanksgiving table setting.

Babel Serving Stand


Creation of this modern and classy Serving Stand Babel was inspired by the children‘s game „Throw a ring“. 
It is a composition of two scooped wooden plates and a central pole combined with solid brass handle. 
Same as in game, the plates are easily removed and might be used separately, afterwards, mounted back onto the central pole. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years of hosting Thanksgiving dinners, it’s not to treat Thanksgiving table settings as an afterthought. They may be small, but table settings are one of the first things your guests see when they arrive home for Thanksgiving dinner … so in our humble opinion, they are quite important. In fact, they could be the most important item of the night, save for the Thanksgiving menu that was so hard to prepare. Long before the roast turkey recipe hits the table and the pumpkin pie recipe has been devoured, it’s those DIY Thanksgiving cards your friends and family will be staring at, so we are here to help you make them as beautiful and attractive as possible.

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